Toy Sparky
Some attributes
First Moves on Night 1 to the end.
Second Starts in Show Stage 1
Third Goes to the office through the ceiling vent
Other attributes

Toy Sparky is the main antagonist of Night Shift at Sparky's. Toy Sparky is a animatronic wolf who wanders around at night. He is the new version of Old Sparky.  

Locations Edit

Toy Sparky starts on the Show Stage 1 camera. Giselle the Giraffe can also be seen in there.

Appearance Edit

Toy Sparky is a animatronic wolf. He is colored dark shiny blue/purple and has light cyan/blue "inside ears", stomach and bottom half of his face. He wears a light blue tie with white stripes as accessory. He haves light blue cheeks and eyes. Some think Sparky is based off sparky the dog hoax from FNAF 1. (Which is not)

Facts Edit

Sparky was gonna be Black and white, but then there was a better idea.

Toy Sparky's first version confused people, making they think he was a Candy the Cat recolor, copy or even "stolen"

Toy Sparky haves a more visible Endoskeleton

Demo 1 only has Toy Sparky and Giselle.